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The Meroux intermediate infantry fortification was built between 1908 and 1913 to reinforce the line of defence between the Vézelois fort and the Fougerais fortification. Small and simple in design, it extends over an area of 4 hectares and represents the final stage in the development of French fortifications before the 1914-1918 war. It is a very modern structure, built in reinforced concrete and features galleries connecting it to the main parts of the fortification. It takes the form of a trapezoid surrounded by a moat with two counterscarp coffers.

It housed two machine gun turrets and a turret for two 75 mm cannons. A parapet for infantry is built on top. ts barracks could house more than 400 men. In the 1970s the fortification was acquired by the municipality of Meroux-Moval, which has maintained it ever since. Part of the fort was converted into a community hall for local clubs and private and public events. The Meroux site is open to the public and guided tours are organised. All the buildings were listed as historic monuments in 1995. It was also awarded the “20th Century Heritage” label in 2004.

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