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Fort de la Miotte, built between 1831 and 1835 at the request of General Haxo, supports interventions at Fort de la Justice. uilt at 440 metres above sea level and to the north of the Belfort stronghold, it is located next to the Fort de la Justice between the castle, the Fort de Roppe and the Rudolphe site. This is a bastioned fort consisting of a large cavalier and two half-bastions, giving it a triangular shape. The fort had a barracks that could accommodate about 70 men, as well as a cavalier with ten platforms for cannons.

There is also a powder magazine, which was adapted to the new standards in 1870. The fort’s main task was to guard the Colmar road beyond the village of Roppe. An old stone tower stands next to the fort, the Tour de la Miotte, which has become one of the town of Belfort’s symbols. The tower is part of the remains of an ancient medieval castle, which was incorporated into Fort de la Miotte in the 19th century, and was almost certainly used as a watchtower. Redesigned in 1886, the tower has been destroyed several times and rebuilt identically each time.

The last reconstruction dates from 1946 and was carried out by prisoners of war returning from captivity. The fort and the Tour de la Miotte belong to the town of Belfort and are maintained by the Belfort museums. You can visit these fortifications on guided tours organised by Belfort Tourisme.

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