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Construction of the Fort du Mont-Bart, at 485 metres above sea level, took more than four years (from 1874 to 1877). With the neighbouring forts of Mont-Vaudois, Lomont, Lachaux and the battery des Roches, it forms the Lomont defensive hub. A real rampart with crossover of firing positions which provides a final line of resistance towards Besançon.

Built entirely of ashlar and reinforced by two ditches, this imposing military structure extends over an area of 3.5 hectares. Its pentagonal shape provides 360-degree protection. t has the first armoured Mougin 155L 1877 model casemate and two ancillary batteries. However, its fortifications quickly became dated following advances in weaponry. To provide resistance to the new explosives, the fortifications were reinforced up until the First World War, with the construction of a cavernous powder magazine and the covering over of its barracks.

The fort remained in use until the early 1950s, providing an exceptional observation post over the surrounding area. Abandoned, it was acquired in the 1980s by the Mont-Bart Association with the support of Bavans town council. The Association oversees restoration work and organises events. The Pays de Montbéliard conurbation recognised the fort as being of community interest in 2009. After major work to ensure security on the site, the fort is now open to the public again. It now hosts a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

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