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Fort du Vézelois, also called Fort Ordener, was built between 1883 and 1886 It is an integral part of the Belfort stronghold. This is one of the most imposing fortifications in the entrenched camp at Belfort. his large symmetrical pentagon, surrounded by wide ditches, could accommodate more than 500 men. It housed barracks, powder magazines and other facilities, including a kitchen, infirmary and food shops…

Its main mission was to monitor the communication routes leading to Delémont and Basel, and to control the roads coming from Switzerland as well as the Mulhouse railway line. ts layout and architecture closely resembled that of its neighbour, the fort at Bessoncourt. From 1893, the fort was linked to other forts around Belfort by a strategic railway ort Ordener was inactive during both World Wars. t was later used as an ammunition depot for the army. t was purchased in 1999 by the municipality of Vézelois, and the association Le Renouveau du Fort de Vézelois has been responsible for its restoration and promotion ever since. This fort can be visited on a guided tours and during various events that are organised there…

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