Fort du Salbert, originally named Fort Lefebvre, was built between 1874 and 1877. It was built at an altitude of over 650 metres at the top of the Salbert hill. This was one of the first fortifications in the stronghold to have two firing ridges, placed around and above the barracks. As soon as it was built, the fort was also armed with three ancillary artillery batteries.

It was located in an important position from which it was able to control the ponds around Le Malsaucy, the road to Lure and the immediate surroundings, the road to Giromagny and the railway to Paris. Fort Lefebvre was also equipped with two optical posts enabling it to communicate with the Belfort Citadel and a number of neighbouring forts, including Giromagny, Roppe, Mont Vaudois, Mont Bart and Lomont. This fortification could accommodate more than 600 soldiers. The huge underground premises housed technical installations as well as an operating room that had been set up on the site of an old cavern-casemate.

From 1893, the fort was linked to other forts around Belfort by a strategic railway. The ATOMES association has been responsible for its renovation and maintenance since 2016.

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